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Bobby Ljunggren, songwriter:

Bobby Ljunggren is a unique melody creator and one of Swedens’ most successful and beloved songwriters. Many of Sweden’s classic songs, dearly loved by the people, are composed by Swedish / Greek Bobby. Ljunggren has written songs like ’Kärleken Är’, ’Se På Mig’, ’Evighet’, ’Min Kärlek’, ’Sommaren i City’, 'Not A Sinner Nor A Saint', ’Empty Room’, ’Heros’, ’För Att Du Finns', to name a few. He has entered the Eurovision Song Contest as a composer six times. Bobby is one of two songwriters who have won the Swedish Melodifestival most times over the years, where he has competed 47 times. In 2008, he composed both the winning song and the songs placing second and third, the same year. ‍‍‍Bobby has won a number of awards as a songwriter. In 2008 for example, he got awarded ”Songwriter of the year” at the Musikförläggarnas pris award. Bobby Ljunggren is one of Sweden's top songwriters, and has been successful for more than 30 years. With beautiful melodies and entries he has written songs for artists like Carola, Jill Johnson, Helena Paparizou, E-type, Shirley Clamp, Alcazar, Sonja Aldén and Sanna Nielsen, just to name a few. His compositions have topped the Swedish radio and sales lists for over 30 years.

Robin Stjernberg, artist/songwriter/producer:

Robin Stjernberg is a super talent proven on the Swedish music market and well on his way to the International. His songs and recordings have topped the Swedish charts since 2011 when he finished as number two in the Swedish Idol. In 2013, he won the Swedish Melodifestivalen as artist and songwriter with the song ’You’. Robin is the first artist ever in Swedish history to win the Melodifestivalen via the second chance round. In 2017, he won again as songwriter and producer with Robin Bengtssons’ song ’I Can’t Go On’ which means he won the contest twice in four years. Robin wrote the final song for Swedish Idol in 2015, he has written songs for the Italian artist Sergio Sylvestre, Jill Johnson, Doug Seegers, Niello, Lisa Ajax, Robin Bengtsson, Martin Almgren and the list goes on. He has participated in the Swedish Idol and got all the way to top two. ‍‍‍Robin Stjernberg has entered the Swedish Melodifestival twice and won both times. ‍‍‍He is a truly beloved artist, songwriter and producer with a voice of gold.